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Online voting for “The Most Popular Social Enterprise”
“The Most Popular Social Enterprise” award recognises local social enterprises with outstanding performance and high popularity. The awardee will be selected by the public through online voting. Below are the 19 shortlisted social enterprises.

Voting Rules
  1. Online voting begins on Friday, 29 September 2017 09:00 and ends on Sunday, 29 October 2017 23:59.
  2. Each person is entitled to one vote only. Subsequent votes will be void.
  3. “The Most Popular Social Enterprise” award will be given to the social enterprise with the highest number of votes.
  4. Voters must provide their full name and e-mail address. All personal information will be deleted after the completion of the Social Enterprise Award Scheme 2017.
Sharing Kitchen HK
DOMAT Limited
DoctorNow Needs
TWGHs iBakery - Bakery and Catering Social Enterprise
TWGHs Enterprise Vegetable & Fruit Processing and Supply Service
Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong - YM Balloon
Hong Kong TransLingual Services
Home Market
The Salvation Army Fitness Box
Rooftop Republic Urban Farming Co. Limited
VolTra Limited
Gingko House
Bizzie Bee Craft Kits
Eldpathy Co. Ltd
cafe330是一間以「身心靈健康」為主題的社企咖啡店。店舖設計帶出人與自然及身心靈的和諧境界,並提供「令您心情愉快的食物」、低碳飲食、素食、有機食物及公平貿易產品。主打健康輕食包括三文治、沙律、蛋糕、咖啡等。透過健康食物及舒適環境幫助精神病康復者重建新生,讓顧客藉著惠顧幫助康復者,亦使自身得到身心靈健康。 (Chinese version only)
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